Monday, October 6, 2008

"Amazing" Displays at the Red Shed

We get so used to seeing the amazing displays at the Red Shed, that sometimes we just take them for granted. The last few days several new customers said that they were just "amazed" at the gorgeous displays and "how had they not known about us, sooner?". So I started looking at the cottage through their eyes and I thought should share some of the awesome montages currently at the Red Shed. (most, thanks to the talent of our in-house designer, Michele Jones) Remember that we usually change everything several times between our Saturday Spectacular Sales (Next date, October 25th), so chances are what you see now will be completely changed by the 25th. Enjoy!


  1. I do love your displays without a doubt and I keep promising to come out to one of your shows. One of these days I might just surprise you and me, for that matter!!!

  2. The 25th, huh? I haven't made the trip yet, either. But, I just might make this one. Wonderful displays! Amazing even! ~Mindy

  3. Love the displays. Michele is truly gifted. I've got my hair appt set for the 25th. I'm still deciding if I want to spend the night with a friend, and hit your place at opening time. We'll see how tired I am.

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  4. love it all!!! just gorgeous!!!
    xoxo, Tiffany