Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soldering Class at the Red Shed ** Dallas / Fort Worth Altered Art classes

September 25th was the date of the Creative Soldering class at the Red Shed. Again, the instructors Jeanne Stregles and Michele Jones outdid themselves. When all the participants arrived, we were greeted with a look at fun and inspiring projects that can be created with Soldering skills.
Decorative and vintage bottles with antique jewelry and interesting items soldered to the top for display.

Gorgeous wall jewelry....
Necklaces, baubles and beads........

We knew we would be starting out with more "basic" projects, but we were still excited.
Again the tables were set with care with all of our instructions and equipment...

Of course, the famous "Runs with Scissors" cookies, lest we starve...
The weather was gorgeous so we move outside to the Red Shed patio, to receive our instruction...

Jeanne taught us how to cut glass....... How to grind glass and all those rough edges.......

We learned the basics of equipment, solder, (leaded or unleaded), flux, soldering styles, cleaning, antiquing and polishing....

Jeanne made it all look really easy. For some reason we didnt think it would be that easy, but she said we could do it so we jumped right in........

And the results? Here are just a few of the darling beveled charms that were made. It really wasn't that hard and just think what we could do when we practice a little more....

We can't wait to try more projects and to join more classes! We are already dreaming of projects of the future............

For more information about Altered Art and Soldering Classes at the Red Shed visit:


  1. That looked like a fun class. Everyone made such awesome things.....I am impressed.

  2. What great looking projects! So fun to see you girls and GiGi there!! Wish I could have joined you, it looks like a great class :)!


  3. These look gorgeous! I just wish I lived close enough to join a clas :(

  4. Oh My Goodness am I excited to put you on my Favorite Blog Addiction List. I visit Allen and Dallas all the time. I will be sure to keep class list at hand so next time I am near Grapevine I can run over to take a class. Can't wait to meet you guys. In the meantime, stay in touch and visit often.
    Rita @

  5. Boy I sure wished I lived closer! I would love to take that class!

  6. I need to get out more! Wish I could have been at your class. I have always wanted to learn how to solder. Thanks for sharing! Mind if I mention this on my blog? Great holiday projects!