Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paris Apartment Chic Sofa finds it's family, Truth or Fiction?

We have all been shaking our heads over this lovely Paris Apartment Chic living room set that is featured right now at the Red Shed. How it came together is just a little unbelievable.

Valarie and Michele M. found the couch at a little shop in another city. We initially didn't buy it though really, everything about it was perfect, Red Shed "Cottage Chic".

It had a gorgeous dark gray pantina. Heavy, solid wood, beautiful carving and just the right amount of shabby. Most of the caning is perfect and the center section of caning is shaped like a heart.

Fabulous lions paw legs...

Why didn't we buy it? I don't know, really heavy, didn't have the truck with us, we were in a hurry.... Anyway, it was just one of those things that we lost sleep over. After about a week I went to M.M. and said, look I am losing sleep over that great couch, and she said, Me too! We called the shop, gave her a credit card over the phone and arranged for pick up.
The next time Michele Jones came to the Red Shed, she took a look at the sofa and her jaw dropped. "Oh no! Do you hate it?"
She just started laughing and said she had the rocker and chair that matched the set exactly, and had kept them in her home for years because she loved them so much, and was not ready to part with them.
Both pieces need the caning redone, but she was right! They are a matching set!

So what do you think? Were they meant to be back together?
The fabulous sofa is only $399.00 and each of the chairs are offered at $100.00 is.
MJ says that if she gets the energy to do the re-caning, she will just buy the sofa and keep the whole set!
Will you beat her to it?


  1. It's probably a good thing I live in another state because it would be very hard for me to resist those!

  2. Love the fabric on this set! I'm still pining over the Quatrine sofa that I missed out on. Stop by my blog, I posted about you guys this week.

  3. Oh the rocker is just darling! I am so glad I found your blog, my mom lives in FT. W and we go shopping in Grapevine from time to time. –Cheers, Amy

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