Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cindy's Camp ~ Cottage meets Kitsch ~ A Loft Becomes a Home

Many times our customers will come back to the shop, just beaming because they found a perfect piece at the Red Shed. They will say "Oh, its just wonderful, you should see it!" We always ask them to send us some photos, but life is busy, and time is so short. Well, our dear new friend Cindy Camp, did us one better and invited us to see her new loft apartment where many Red Shed treasures have gone to live.
Cindy and her husband Mike just moved to Grapevine a few months ago, and shortly after, Cindy found out she needed surgery. She realized that friends and family would be visiting and staying in their new loft. As she put it " It went from bare walls, to what you see in about two weeks" .
Well, we can't imagine what Cindy could do if she had a few months! She is just one of those designers who has a great eye for purchases and a whimsical sense of style. She purchased many of the items shown online, sight unseen! We hope you enjoy the tour as much as we did.
The den/music room has the saying from the first photo on the wall, made from this entire set of marquee letters.
Love the B & W photos of their sons.
The entire apartment has high, high ceilings with exposed duct work. All the better to show collections above the kitchen cabinets.
Love the pumpkins on a vintage plant stand, perfect in the middle of her distressed black farm table.
Adorable vignettes around every corner,
This is my absolute favorite. How many of us would have passed on this fabulously kitschy red lamp, yet it looks to perfect mixed with a vintage needlepoint and deer antlers!

Oh the bedroom, we could have curled right up for a nap, if it weren't for all of the interesting collections in every corner.

Interesting objects throughout the house, kept us on our toes.

And the living room....cowboy hats on Audubon prints
Wonderful farm cabinet.........
and I almost had a heart attack when I saw this periodic table in FRENCH! Weighs almost 300 pounds and her DH hung it while she was in the hospital (and only got a "little bit" of blood on the wall)!
And finally, Who can tell me what Cindy's coffee table was in it's previous life?


  1. love all of it. Was the coffee table some sort of medical table?

  2. I would say a gurney? Hope to see ya when you get to Houston! xo..deb

  3. What a great imagination. I especially love the photos of the boys under the guitars. Reminded me of another set of "Fab 4 Boys" from the 60's. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Debbie

  4. Thanks for the photos ... it is always fun to see what can be done when you use your imagination. And what an imagination!! I'm thinking the coffee table was made to hold a casket. Cindy's apartment is adorable.

  5. Amazing! I love to see what people do with unique items! She did an amazing job with all of her collections. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Wow! I'm so impressed! I love everything! I love visiting homes like this, where there's something cool to look at everywhere you turn! As far as the table...I have no idea! Patti

  7. What awesome things found all within a few weeks. I want to follow her shopping :) Esp. love the trophys and white pottery!!