Friday, January 30, 2009

Paris Flea Market Trip 2009 **Only 1 spot left!

You know you wanna........... You know you deserve it......... You been savin'...........Now is the time! Make that dream come true! The Red Shed Girls have ONE spot left on our Paris Flea Market Shopping trip in April. We just know there is a Blogger out there who would love to go!
(Attn all bloggers, feel free to copy the photo above and help us spread the word)

Don’t we all dream of shopping at the Paris Flea Market?

We have one wonderful lady who is looking for a roommate, and then our 2009 trip will be sold out. This is a GREAT time to go to Paris! The exchange rates are lower than they have been in years, so you can buy more and spend less. Whether you are a dealer or a personal shopper, we promise you will have the trip of a lifetime and come back with some great treasures!”

For more information visit the Red Shed website at
For photos and to see what we bought on our 2008 trip visit
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