Friday, January 23, 2009

Road Trip Time! Antiques a bloom in Malakoff, Texas

Though the Red Shed is in Grapevine, I actually live near Malakoff, Texas on beautiful Cedar Creek Lake (So almost everyday is a road trip for me). It is just the beginning of East Texas and is really beautiful. When my DH and I decided to "move to the lake" permanently, it really seemed like we were in the middle of hicksville-no-where, which we actually kinda liked. Junking was plentiful, but Cute Antiques... not so much.

That all changed when I met the Curious Goods Ladies. They were in the process of reinventing themselves into a "Shabby Garden Antiques" shop, and I was more than happy to help push them over the edge. Fast forward a couple of years and now Malakoff is home to over 10 antique stores and malls, with new found chicness culminating in the opening of the Junk Palace, Saturday at 11am. Lilly and Maggie have shared an adorable shop at Canton for the last few years, so we can't wait for the Grand Opening and hope you will join us in the country!While you are waiting for Junk Palace to open, stop and enjoy the view at Curious Goods, which will be opening at 10am. It sounds like bloggers galore will be attending as well as yours truly.

There is also a new shop called Black Eyed Susan, and I have often visited Juanita's Antiques, Antiques on Royal, and The Lindy Mall. I think you will find that it's worth the drive. If you can't make it this weekend, drop by the next time you are on your way to Canton!

Here's a map to help you find your way. It's just a little over an hour from Dallas.

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Hope to see you there!


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  1. You are so clever to include a map and directions. Wish I had thought of that. I hope to get to meet you tomorrow. I'm totally psyched! Debbie

  2. OOOoooo, I wish I could be there!!!!!!

    I bet it's going to be FANTASTIC!!

  3. I'll be there, hope to see you.

  4. Val, You are so sweet! We appreciate your friendship over the past 2 years, and look forward to seeing what is going to happen in our "neck of the woods"in the next few months. Malakoff is Rokkin! The Opening of Junk Palace was so fun today and it was like an UN-Official Blogger Party with everyone in town. I will post photos tomorrow...... tonight I am soaking my feet!

  5. Val,
    Thanks for coming. It made it so special to have so many blogger friends support my new venture.

  6. Hi there,
    Just found your blog while looking for antique stores in Malakoff.

    I grew up in East Texas, just a few miles from Malakoff, and I have to say I'm offended by your characterization of the area as "hicksville no-where."

    I've traveled many different places and currently live in California, and in no other place have I found people as welcoming and friendly as in East Texas. The antiquing and "junking" is stellar too, if you're okay with digging a little to find stuff you really enjoy.

    Please remember that not all of your target audience members would agree with such a negative characterization of the place you now call home, which we always have.

    Linsey B