Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gorgeous Grandma Gets a Remake

Our dear customer, Donna, brought this gorgeous painted photo of her grandmother "Mildred" to the Red Shed. Someone had removed this fabulous picture from it's frame and it was found in a black plastic garbage bag! Donna decided one of her New Years resoloution would be to live with the the things that she loves. so she decided to drop by and see what we might have to return Midred to her glory.

First try.........too large

Next stop..........too small......
Time to get serious! Out to the "secret shed". Bingo! All kinds of options to play with.....

Pay attention to the details, then you will get vote for your favorite......

We found this LARGE framed print with a mat. It had been marked down to only $59.00, so the print could have been taken out, but we thought if was too "modern"...

Fabulous Gesso Frame, but maybe a little too big and too foo foo..........

Possible Option 1...............

Option 2............

Option 3................

Option 4............
So what do you think? Post a comment with your vote or suggestions. Donna has promised us first photo op for the finished portrait.
Remember, you never know what you will find at the Red Shed!
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  1. First off, Granmama is Va-Va-Voom! 2nd, please don't hate me. I liked the large white frame. Is there anyway to matte Granmama? If not, I vote for the smaller white. Have fun. Debbie

  2. I, too, like either of the white frames. Since the smaller one isn't a full picture, it's hard to tell if that would be my preference. But, the white is a fresh, better look to me. And I do love the elegance of Grandma. ~Mindy

  3. I'm thinking go big or go home. You can always matte it with a frenchy blue material to match Grandma beautiful gown. Lillie

  4. I like option 2... but that's just me. :) xoxo, Joanna

  5. Could you please contact

  6. Hmmm option 1 or option 4 but could you mat her and use the first frame??

  7. Love the photo-- I vote for option 1! I am going to have to come you all.. not far from me!


  8. I hope I look that good when I'm a Grandma - and believe me - I'm old enough to be one!! I have to agree with Deb and Lillie. Go for the big frame! It would be a shame to cut such a fabulous picture to fit a smaller frame.

  9. What a looker that gal is! Oh, to be a grandma that has all that going on. My vote is for Option #1. Add some darker antiqueing gel to tone done the frame a bit and actentuate the frame detail. Lot's of good options either way.

  10. I love option #1. I think the frame suits the time period of the painting and the dark rim in the frame ties in with the dark paneling in the portait.

  11. VAL, you need to come look at tonight's post....... you may find a surprise there.... :)

    P.S. Can't wait for the soldering class!

  12. Hi, I'm going with door #3 on this one! Not too fancy that it takes away from "Grandma". (My grandma NEVER looked like that!)

    Please post the winning frame so we can see how she turned out!