Friday, May 8, 2009

Red Shed Girls in Paris ** Day 5 ** Vanves Flea Market

Well, we completely wore out several of the ladies yesterday (they said they had never worked so hard on vacation in their lives!) So today's players on "Let's find a French Deal", are Brittany, Lana, Marci....
Gigi, dressed to the gills in beret, glasses, scarf and poodle pin (all procured at yesterday's flea)...

and of course, Val and Michele. This little flea market grows a little bit every year. It started as just one street. Now it has moved around the block and down around the corner on both sides. The further out you get, many of the people don't have cars or even a table, their wares are just put on a cloth on the ground.
This vendor serenaded us into his booth....
We are always looking for Dog antiques......
You never know what is in the next box.....
Here are a few things that Val and Michele picked up. All will be available at our "French Market" sale in June....

This is our next mystery item.Can anyone tell us what it is? (Yes, we know)

We are in love with this dented and tarnished hornOn its own, maybe not that great, but it is inscribed with a gorgeous wreath insignia,Lyon Paris, and a date in the 1800s

What did everyone else buy? Well here is "some of Gigi and Marci's stash...

Gigi made the deal of the century when she got this fabulous silver ladle for 1 euro!

In the "what were they thinking?" category, Brittney bought this darling iron baby cradle, then "realized" it wouldn't fit in her luggage.....How to get it home?

She headed straight for the Red Shed Girl's room, because EVERYBODY know that Red Shed Girls know how to pack. We built this Sanford & Son packing box, and checked it on through!The day was still young, so we headed to the Seine River where vendors sell everything from books to nuts, postcards and paper. We picked up some amazing vintage handwritten restaurant menus.....
We stopped for a bite and all of the sudden we heard the huge rumbling noise. It was thousands of in line skaters rolling right through St Micheal's square! Even the police, guiding and protecting were wearing skates. Only in Paris!

A few blocks away some of the other girls saw a herd of ponies and mules going down the streetOur day still was not over. With the whole group rested, we headed over to our friends who had rented an apartment in Paris for a month to have a cocktail party....
They are living in the St Germain Des Pres area. A perfect venue for sight seeing, shopping and people watching...Their apartment was on the second floor and we climbed these fabulous hand carved stairs that were hundreds of years old.

We were greeted by our hosts, Theresa and Lynn (on the left) . Theresa and Lynn met and were roommates on our Paris trip last year. They loved it so much, they decided to rent an apartment together for a month this year. It looks like Lynn may even try to live in Paris full time eventually.The apartment was Gorgeous. So very French... and much larger than I expected...The windows were thrown open, and the French music was playing...
We had a lovely spread and an even more lovely time in each others company....
Theresa had also been to the flea market this weekend and she brought out her stash.....hummm, I think I see a theme going here...
All of her items will be available at her antique booth in Springfield,Mo After another quick bite to eat and another great day in Paris comes to a too quick end.


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time, and what treasures, as for the mystery item, could it be something that might go around a wine bottle? That's my guess.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us.


  2. Beautiful finds! Congrats for figuring out how to carry all the treasures home!
    Hugs Donna

  3. It looks like a breast plate from an old soldiers uniform. I love all your pictures and wish I was in Paris, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was in Paris in 1974, but back then I didn't know a thing about the flea markets or antiques, or anything I'd be interested in now. I'm green with envy!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! And it's funny that you said you like the tarnished and dented horn as I was just taking photos of a tarnihed old horn the other day.

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. It's wonderful to see so much and so many different aspects.

    Have a wonderful evening! Blessings... Polly (p.s. I don't suppose you know where I could get those Jesus feet that you posted a pic of at French Cupboard?)