Friday, August 6, 2010

Church of Art & Communion

I went to church this weekend. Well, actually, I go to church EVERY weekend, but this time it was to the church of Art & Communion. This church.........
Is actually the HOME of artists Shea Fragoso, Debbie Murray, and their family....That is Shea on the Left...with The Doll Atelier Colleen Moody...
Here is a pic of the church, in it's heyday....when it still really was a church. It is...Umm...LARGE.
Shea, Debbie and Shea's husband saved the church from an unknown fate and spent years turning it into a work of ART. (You can read about the home in the Dallas Morning News, CLICK HERE),
Twice a year Shea and Debbie open their home for Art Workshops called ART & COMMUNION

Strap on your seat belt for this one.... Here is the living room.....
Here are all of the happy artists working at the LOOONG, LOOOONG table that easily fits in the living room.....
With light dancing through the windows which DEBBIE actually restored herself!.....
The kitchen is where the pulpit used to be..........
Just a couple of the many fabulous bedrooms (LOVE THIS, the master bedroom used to be the "Couples Counseling Office"....
You will NOT believe this....Pinch yourself so you know you're not dreaming......
THIS is their STUDIO..........

It was just Amazing!!.. Shea and Debbie will both be teaching classes at The Creative Connection in September (Which is getting very close to Sold be sure to contact us is you are interested in attending with us.)

Thank you Shea & Debbie for inviting us to your beautiful home to be part of a "small, but exquisite vendor show". We never, never do shows, but I liked the "small" part and couldn't WAIT to see the Church House. Thanks SO much to the sweet ladies at A&C who surprised the heck out of me. I thought after a full day at Canton they would be shopped out, but Boy was I wrong! They just LOVED our French Maps, French handwritten calligraphy, French necklaces, and antiques from Paris! Here is a pic of our "little" display.
By the way, you too can buy from the Red Shed at our online Boutique, Pardon My French! We are working to get more of our French Ephemera online, so keep checking back!


  1. Thank you for sharing such an awesome place... Y'all's display looked great! Lezlee

  2. OMG, such beauty!!! Thanks for the tour.

  3. Oh my gosh !!
    I am sitting here with
    my mouth hanging open
    in awe ~
    It is absolutely gorgeous
    gorgeous !!
    Thank you for sharing
    with us !

  4. Shea and her ladies shopped with us in Canton that weekend, and they were such a sweet and fun group!! Funny thing is that I actually thought they were meeting in a church!! Wow, is all I can say! Such a Beautiful Home!!!! Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  5. 我只知道,假如我去愛人生,那人生一定也會回愛我................................................

  6. WOW what a beautiful place to visit! So peaceful...