Friday, August 20, 2010

Dog Days of Summer Sale at The Red Shed

Yes, we are having a fun Summer Saturday Sale, next weekend, August 28th! Sorry to be SO BEHIND on the get ready for several blogs this week. We have been searching and shopping for you! Definitely went to Canton....had a whole clever post planned...but it will wait. let's go straight to some of the treasures we found for you!... Great Iron twin bed....
Love these BIG LETTERS! They were neon signs...but oh how cute they will be by the time you see them and take them home!
Found lots of angels...........
Though the one on the left is from Paris........

Stopped at an Estate Sale on the way and spied this great mirror....I thought I knew what had possessed the owner to paint the lovely iris's ........

They easily came off, and lo and behold....a bit of missing silvering. I wonder what the owner would have thought to know her "damaged" mirror is now the height of Vintage Chic?


  1. I do love me a good ghost mirror and that one is!

  2. One of these days, I am going to get to attend one of your sales!! But it won't be on the 28th...Darn! Love all of your great treasures! Happy Junkin!! Cathy aka Girls gone Junkin

  3. Love your stuff, and Oh How I love your BLOG, so much i see that i want..
    SO wish i lived in Texas, there are so many of you there...
    A NEW follower ill defintely be back..
    Love that bed..

  4. Wish I didn't live so far away. Have a good sale...sandi