Monday, August 23, 2010

Lace Snob

I admit it. I am a lace snob. It started when I was young and first began traveling. It was easy to find, easy to pack, usually not too expensive. Then it became hard to pass up at estate sales and garage sales. I always wondered, "Who's hands made this? What were they thinking about as they made it? How did it ever leave their family?" I remember a good friend who lives in New York saw me year after year buying lace as I visited her and asking "What are you going to do with all that?"
I read a few books. I learned about the different types of hand lace and machine lace and how to quickly tell the difference. My collection increased in quality as I only began buying if I did not already have a piece at home that was better.

My favorite places to buy, and all my best pieces are from France and New York. France is a no-brainer, but I think the selection and quality is so great in NY because of there was so much wealth there (still is) at the turn of the century.

My point? I just got back from a trip to Upstate New York where I hit a mother-load of lace trims,, and Lace we purchased in Paris has yet to come out, but in less than 72 will,
When you buy a piece of lace at The Red Shed, whether for a table top or a project, You will always know it is vintage, handmade, and of the highest quality. Each piece tells a story.
From our collections to yours........Join us, Saturday, Aug 28th, Dog Days of Summer Sale!


  1. OMG!*!*! Just Loving ALL that LaCe!!! I always use (hard-to-find) pieces of tattered old lace panels for my outdoor tent displays... Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous lace !! I am a lace junkie for sure and have hoarded it forever ~
    I am using alot of it on my pocket pillows lately
    which is hard but a good thing too !


  3. oh - what a awesome collection of lace - I´m so in love with lace too and it´s really hard to find over here and pricey too.

  4. What beautiful laces. Have a great sale and I wish I could be there! sandi

  5. Girl...that's the way to sell a product. Know it, explain it and stand behind it. Love it and you!