Friday, September 24, 2010

The Creative Connection Event, What an Event!

We had a fabulous time at the Creative Connection in Minnesota! Literally no creative detail that was left out of this event! There were wonderful gifts including this silver necklace that was designed by the amazing Lisa Leonard, just for the event!
These Great bags were absolutely FULL of free goodies and SWAG, but the BAG is the best, really heavy duty and holds a TON, new market bag..
Each meal was like having a Party at Martha Stewart's...X 10
Thanks to the Creative Genius of Christine Hoffman
The creative classes were phenomenal. (I didn't take any, but I saw the beautiful creations emerging from them!)
The entrepreneur panels were informative and inspiring, I wanted to LIVE at the "Smart Bar" and just suck the knowledge out of all these brilliant women!
Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman & Jo Packham
We spent A LOT of time (& money!) at the Handmade Market and saw so many talented people and lovely displays....

Lauri Lenfesty
But it really came down to the wonderful people who we met, who we worked & laughed with...
Valarie, Jo Packham, Nancy Soriano, Michele McKechnie
New friendships made...
Michele, Jo, Mary Jane Butters, The Amazing Kim Yeager, Val
full of Respect for such Amazing Women!
Shea Fragoso on right
Stay tuned for posts on The Junk Bonanza, Cottage House, and Stillwater, MN

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  1. It looked like an amazing time and certainly a who's who of talent!