Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Junk Bonanza & Creative Connection Bound!

We are off to our usual September pilgrimage to Minnesota. This year we will be juggling two events. We have been so honored to be a part of the Team producing the Creative Connection. This amazing brain child of Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano, will be a huge meeting of artists, writers, creators, entrepreneurs and publishers. I don't think I have ever seen a first year event sell out an entire hotel, but it did! We so look forward to meeting all of the wonderful people we have been speaking to for months! There will be wonderful classes, great speakers and panels, and lots of "Celebrities"... and a huge Hand Made Market, and we can't wait to shop it!
But, have no fear, we will also be up bright and early for the early opening of the Junk Bonanza!
We can't wait to see our sweet friend, Ki, and she will also be appearing and signing books and magazines at the Creative Connection.
But the Junk Bonanza, Ohhhh, the Junk Bonanza, probably some of the best shopping this side of France! We promise to bring back the most interesting, fun, and fabulous to share with YOU!
We will also be blogging along the way if we aren't TOO Tired.....

Stay tuned!


  1. Just promise me you will post photos...give Amy (Whisperwood Cottage) a hug for me...and have a wonderful time. Y'all are gonna be some bizzy chicks this month!

  2. Hey girl's have a fun, I miss you all. Wish I could meet you there, but I have a French exam and will be studying. Love, love, love the pics from the Dog Day's sale. You all just keep getting better and better, I am in awe. bisous, bisous