Saturday, September 25, 2010

Junk Bonanza 2010 Does Not Disappoint!

The 2010 Junk Bonanza in Minnesota, was once again, a delight to the eyes! Every Junker and Antiquer's Dream! Ki and her crew once again did an absolutely amazing job picking the vendors and creating and event to take your breath away...
This time we took a couple of friends from Texas along for the ride, so they could be miserable also, because we didn't have a truck to bring it all home. The talented Carolyn Westbrook who's new book "French Inspired Home" is just out, and her friend Carla.
From the moment she walked in, Carolyn just kept saying "Oh My!"
Creativity, great displays, and wonderful prices were in abundance....

The "Queens of Posh" squeeled when we met them....They said they had "made it to the Big Time" because the Red Shed Girls visited their booth (hee hee!) They had a darling booth..

Jane from Oh Mustard Moon!'s shop below...
And always my favorite...
Love these flowers...can you tell what they are made from?
So lucky to see fellow Texan, Margo ....
Take a look at this shirt made of PAPER!!
My favorite find! I didn't buy it at first, then totally obsessed until I could find it again...A HUGE spool of Vintage Chenille, just the right color...oh so mind was swimming with all the uses.. Already selling yardage in the shop wrapped around vintage French postcards! (will try to get some online soon!)

Wish we really DID have this truck to drive home!
Yep, we turned Carolyn and Carla into Red Shed Girls for the day. We had a teeny weeny little compact car, and all of us had treasures packed on our laps up to the roof!!

It was a GREAT DAY!!! PS. You can visit Carolyn's Shop, Carolyn Westbrook Home, at Zapp Hall at Round Top this weekend through October 2nd.


  1. I got to meet one of you Red Shed Girls last year. Sorry I couldn't repeat that! Check out my facebook page, I took lots of great pictures of the latest Idea House. Hope to see you in the future. Maybe I'll get to Texas!

  2. It was so fun to run into you, guess we have to go to MN to see each other ;).

    See ya around the junk pile.

  3. What a blast !! Oh my gosh you gals get to
    go to the coolest places !

    Awesome pix !


  4. Looks like y'all had a great time! What fun!!! Lezlee

  5. Thanks Again for visiting us!!! We were pleased to meet you guys!!! Come and see us next year and be sure to follow us as we grow! We may even stop in your town for a visit next spring!!!!
    Blessings, Blessings,
    Amanda Jean Spiess & Mary Andersen
    ~The Queens of Posh!

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  7. What a BLAST! So glad that you girls had a good time. Hope to make it to The Shed to see you soon! Donna