Friday, April 8, 2011

Warrenton Round Top Texas Antique Show 2011

Yes, we are alive! We have just been so busy getting ready for our Paris trip, and it is definitely our busy busy time of the year. We did manage a quick weekend to the Warrenton and Round Top antique shows. We rented our "dream car" (above), and headed out. It was so great to see our dear friends who display there. Especially Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage, Deb York of Talkin Trash, and Melody and John of the Seed Box. Here are just a few fun things that we saw along the way...

Now what do you think made it into our van?? Stay tuned!


    P.S. I know what made it to my trailer!!!LOL

  2. I think the Van's a keeper! Looks like you saw lots of great things that I didn't get to get out and see. Always love seeing you girls. Happy Friday and Junkin!

  3. Our pics look almost identical, we must have followed the same trail, lol, I had a blast!

  4. We took a picture of the enamel tubs on the balusters too. Love those! I heard about the sign from Don's Barn Sale on the way. Jennie and I got stuck there for awhile but came away with some great deals. Can't wait to see the sign!

  5. Great stuff, our daily bread table is wonderful.

    I am so interested in a Paris flea market trip in 2012, I clicked on the Eiffel tower, but it went to something called Gator Post, Where can I get info? Do you have any approximate dates for 2012? Don't hurry responding, you look busy and we have about year! LOL!


  6. Ohhhh what a fun "junkin" trip and great treasures!! I LOVE the old dress form! Cathy aka GGJ