Monday, April 30, 2012

Paris, a View from the Top

 Some of the most amazing views of Paris are not from the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Arc du Triomphe, they are actually from the top of this building....Tower Montparnasse
The tower is a Paris eyesore, and the Parisians absolutely hate it and for good reason. It was built on the left bank, and just a little too close to historical neighborhoods for comfort. As soon as it went up, they wanted to tear it down, but it didn't happen. It's one redeeming feature is a Really Great View....

The last time I went to the Tower it was in a nice, warm enclosed floor that even had a small restaurant.
Much to our surprise it was closed for renovations, and we had to climb 4 flights of stairs to the roof top!

You can literally see the entire city from the 56th floor...Though Paris is fascinating up close, this perspective leaves you in awe....

It is so easy to make out all of the different arrondissements...
One of my favorite views is of the nearby Montparnasse Cemetary...

It might sound a little creepy, but actually some of the most beautiful sculpture you can find is in the Paris cemeteries...

A special treat at night..

Did I mention the howling wind, cold temperatures and rain on the top of the roof?
Luckily, some really brave ladies still thought it was worth it!
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  1. Ah the landmark to help us find our way. I actually liked it for that reason. Hard to get lost when all you had to do is find the tower.


  2. You got some great pics from up there. Wish we had been outside the night we went up. But still, it is something I recommend to people who don't want to stand in line at the Eiffel Tower.

  3. We were there a year ago. It's a magical city, but the traffic is frightening. We loved the autoban. Glad you had a wonderful time.


  4. The view looks amazing. Wish I were there with you.