Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paris Vintage Shopping Trip Day One

After a very exciting flight from Dallas, (we had to land in Newfoundland due to a medical emergency) we finally arrived in Paris to meet the rest of our group. Since the Dallas ladies were four hours late (we have ladies from Ohio, Maine, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland) we threw our luggage in our rooms and headed out the door for our first walking tour.
First to the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens..

The flowers are blooming, the air is crisp, what more could we ask for? We then visited the St Sulpice and St Germain churches..

The famous Divinci Code Rose line goes through this church..
Of course, gorgeous architecture and creamy colors everywhere..

Off early to bed, tomorrow, our first Full day in Paris, is for touring, then it is off to the fleas! Stay tuned! Valarie (grammer & spelling errors due to jet lag and ipad)

(Due to popular demand, the full flight story)...

The only thing that ever goes wrong on our trips, and will ALWAYS go wrong, is the air flights. This time we departed an hour late because the bathrooms were not working. Flight was packed like sardines, no empty seats, people trying to cram luggage where luggage should not go. For some reason, the overhead monitors on the plane, which normally say you are going to Paris, show your progress, and how long until you get there, for some reason, said we were going to Bogata. Columbia. So the whole flight it would say how many miles to miami, and how many hours till we got to Bogata. then there was a little green line trying to get the little animated airplane to go to Bogata since we were going in the wrong direction. I asked two flight attendents why they dont fix it. one said the purser  was too grumpy to ask, and one said once you take off, you cant change it. I said it might be a little disconcerting to some people (esp since that plane only goes back and forth to Paris). So the little plane was Almost over the ocean, and the flight attendants asked on the intercom, if there is a doctor on board. flight atts start running up and down the aisle w emergency kits. I was already up so I walked to the back and there was an older man white as a sheet, eyes closed, holding his arm, and a blood pressure cuff on.
All the sudden we see the little plane on the display turning around (and the green line is finally happy cuz we are finally heading back towards Columbia.) we go backwards for about 45 minutes and finally the pilot comes on and says we have a medical emergency. so he said normally the place to land would be (someplace in Newfoundland that starts with a G), but it is 5 foot visabilty, blowing snow and 10 degrees, so he decided to go to this place called Stevenville, and I swear they had to turn the runway lights on for us.
so then perimedics come on, and they take the man off in an ambulance (thank goodness they had one). then we sit for another 45 minutes, oh and the whole time no annoucements, no, its ok to use your phone, so I just said, forget this and started calling and making arrangement since I had NO idea when we were leaving Newfoundland, and we were already 4 hours late.
finally they came on and said the pilot had to go in, file a new flight plan, pay to have us refueled with his own credit card, and we were on our way!

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  1. That's more than I knew and I was on the plane.


  2. I hope that this is the only craziness you experience and that you all have a smooth, safe trip the rest of your time! That is a crazy story. I especially liked the part about the pilot having to use his credit card for jet fuel. With the high cost of gas, he must have a super high limit to afford to fill a tank that size!

  3. Sorry for the hitch in your trip. I am sure the beautiful sights of Paris have made up for it. Your photographs are fabulous.

  4. How scary that flight would've been, esp. for first-time flyers! I would've lit a candle for sure in the cathedral out of gratitude. The gardens of Luxembourg look so gorgeous. I just love all the architecture - structural and landscape!

    Note to self - do this trip with Red Shed within 5 yr plan, with two sisters.

  5. least you can say you've been to Newfoundland! :) Sure wish we could have joined you in have a way of making everything fun! PS: Love my red toy chest. :)

  6. At least you can say you've been to Newfoundland...LOL! Wish Tyra and I could have joined ya'll in Paris. SOON, we hope!