Sunday, April 22, 2012

What we buy at the Paris Flea Markets

We have had a couple of Great days at the Paris flea markets. On Saturday we spent the entire day at the Pte de Clignancort / St Ouen flea market, the oldest and one of the largest flea markets in the world! When we arrived back at our hotel, we had a progressive "show & tell". We wanted to see everyone's treasures and now you can too!
Sue and Dodie, our Ohio girls found fun bags, vintage fashion mags, cool spa water holder and the tiniest flower frog I have ever seen!

Mary and Debby, from Graham, Texas found engraved napkin holders, monogrammed towels, French linen grain sacks, jewelry and more!

Nancy, from Rhode Island scored this fabulous antique carved rabbit (I will tell you how she scored it in another blog), and best friend Kellie from Rhode Island found a bronze dog like her pup at home and a vintage dress that fits her like a glove!

Super shoppers, Elizabeth and Margo covered their bed with tons of found French treasures! Lots of antique paper and ephemera, botanical posters, perfume labels, tins, purses...whew! Margo, who rescues greyhounds, found an antique game board that featured dogs in gorgeous colors.

Sisters, Sandy from Illinois, and Barbara from Texas model antique beaded collars, Vintage Louis Vuitton, perfect postcards and antique silver dresser set.

What did we buy? Here is just a small sampling...Checking with American Airlines to see how much a Very overweight suitcase will cost...

Stay tuned for more great Paris flea market photos! Valarie
Location:Paris, France


  1. You guys are some super shoppers. Love the tiny purses that Elizabeth and margo found.

  2. Here's what's really cool - living your trip vicariously, I just happened on the Flea Market Style blog today to get the link to Margo's shop (was intending to buy a couple things previously listed), and lo and behold, there's her loot from this trip!!

    Needless to say, I am getting little done today other than filling my order of Paris finds!!

    It's the next best thing to being there.

    Note to self: must make this trip with Red Shed within 5 yr plan, with two sisters. :)

  3. Miss Mustard Seed sent me. I enjoyed seeing what you buy at a Paris Fleamarket! I will just never make it there. Thanks, Amy

  4. Loved seeing your finds from the Paris fleas. Especially the jars and the Guide de Chiens. I'm from Miss Mustard Seed.