Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beautiful, Inspiring , Fun Antiques .... Our finds from Minnesota

Time to unveil what Michele M, Michele J, and Valarie, aka The Red Shed Girls, brought back from our Junk Bonanza Antiquing Trip to Minnesota. All of the items below are available for sale at The Red Shed, Cottage Chic Antiques, in Grapevine, Texas.

We love the beautiful, interesting, architectural based furniture that we found. This blue-green flip top table has a deep lacquered shabby finish. The cross bars are carved just as the sides. It is gorgeous.

We couldn't resist this interesting side table. Probably made from one leg of a larger table. The lion is intricately carved.
We will add some hooks to this to make a bench/hall tree. It is a one of a kind treasure made from a vintage door, mirror and dozens of separate antique architectural elements. This is a substantial piece that would really make a statement in your foyer.
Love this farm cabinet! Fifteen drawers and a cupboard to store all your crafts, jewelry or toiletries. This is a shelf also made for separate pieces. It almost looks like a piece of a table on your wall. It's darling!

We found lots of wonderful Architectural pieces that would look as great in your home as in your garden. Just drool........

Now for the really interesting, fun, and unique!
This is an antique gear mold. It is hand carved and made to press in sand and make an impression for the molten metal to create giant gears.
It is just gorgeous, and would look so striking above a fireplace, or on at tall wall open to a second story.
Designers, start your engines......
Huge vice clamps.............
Perfect white patina on this heavy steel wheel...... Large yarn spool....
Couldn't resist this cardboard dress form...

White swan made from corn husks.......
Large propeller..........
Nautical Light covers...........
The most interesting birdcage. The exterior ball rolls like a bingo cage, but the interior perch and food cups stay stationary. This one may not be vintage, but it is really unique!
Beautiful crochet handle hatbox...
Love this baby scale! How great will it be filled with Holiday gourds and bounty? Fabulous french lamp....
And of course, The Kitchen Sink! Heavy, Huge, Porcelain, and Wonderful. Perfect for your potting shed.
This is just a sampling. Of course we have lots of fun smaller items that we smuggled home in our suitcases. Valarie's suitcase was 25 pounds overweight at the airport!
Drop by the Red Shed, Monday-Friday 9-5 or during our Saturday Spectacular Sale on October 25th, to see the rest of our "booty".


  1. I guess we had everything, including, the kitchen sink in that truck. Great haul, you gals have a real good eye, that door,bench was really heavy:)

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  2. It was SO nice having you here - we miss you! You're all just GREAT, we love your enthusiasm, and can't wait to see you again. Guess we all love the same stuff - it gives us alot of common ground, right? Loved seeing all the pictures of your great finds - we're restocking, and the shop is filling up. It was fun to see what you like; I'll make sure to have plenty when you come back.

    Thanks so much for making Buffalo part of your junking trip!

    Teresa, The PORCH, Buffalo, MN

  3. I sell through The Porch in Buffalo, MN and wanted to let you know that I made the lion base black table you bought. It started life as a standing ashtray. I recycled the glass ashtray, turned the round wood base upside down and added a larger round top I had salvaged from a previous project. Glad you like it - that's what keeps me creating!! Anne L

  4. Anne,
    Thanks SO MUCH for giving us the background on that piece! How fun! We will be sure to pass it on. Can't wait to visit the Porch again in the future.

  5. I still can't believe all of that was in one truck. I didn't see a pic of the snazzy red frig! Now THAT was heavy.

  6. Oooo! Ahhh! Congrats on hauling some great stuff back to Texas. Buying trips are so much fun! Thanks for sharing. ~Mindy

  7. LOL!!! So that's where that farm table went! When you posted that it didn't fit in the truck, I was looking all over Buffalo for it. Oh well, hopefully I can find something else like it one day.

    I'm VERY happy with my new wagon wheel, which came from the farm next to my great-grandparent's farm. Which was even delivered and they helped us put it up in our foyer. Only $70!

    Us lifting it up

    Husband successfully angles it to wife's wishes!