Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Truck Arrives Back Safe and Sound ** Junk Bonanza Trip Day 5 & 6

After a wonderful trip to the Junk Bonanza, then several days of antique shopping in Minnesota,
our full-t0-the-top truck finally pulled in the Red Shed parking lot in Grapevine on Tuesday morning. Huge thanks to Michele M and her sister Kay for driving the truck back! I noticed several cans of double shots from Starbucks in the front seat and a few brochures from casinos in Iowa and Oklahoma.........hmmm!!!???

Lots of people showed up to help unload, and for some reason that stuff sure did come out a lot more quickly than it went in!

We made areas for each person's loot. Thanks Margo for marking everything so well!

Gigi couldn't quite fit everything in her car. That's OK, just another reason to visit the Red Shed again.
Kelly's haul, she focused in big, gorgeous architecturals....

Shelleys treasures. Gorgeous glass front cabinet and antique bamboo shelves. Several of us bought huge 1800's gear molds.
Margo's stash. She seemed to have a vintage children's items theme going. She found a metal high chair, vintage stroller, metal scooter, and ironing board. She had more of those great gear molds, and some wonderful drawers and street signs.
Christy's bike made is safe and sound! Christy is a metal artist and she found some great pieces to weld away!
Kay had a truck and a half full. Yes she had fun!
Here is a photo of some of Stacys great purchases. It's so interesting to see everyone's different styles and interests. Stacy lives in North Caroline, so she had to ship all of her things home.What did the Red Shed Girls buy? Stay tuned


  1. It's so great to see what everyone bought! I can't wait to see what the Red Shed girls picked up...

  2. So fun to see what everyone got. Love all the architecturals. Can't wait to see what the RSG got.

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  3. Loooove seeing what all everyone got! We were in such a shopping frenzy that I didn't get to see everything last weekend! I can't wait to take a peek at the Red Shed Girls' stuff :)
    Glad it all made it safely, miss you guys & hope you're doing well,


  4. thanks for linking me...........I will do the same. You got some great treasures.