Friday, September 12, 2008

Junk Bonanza Antiquing Trip Day 3

Sleep & Early the Red Shed Girls were up and raring to go junking. We started with Sweet Donna, the owner of Sweet Salvage in Buffalo, MN. She opened up the shop just for us, and I'm sure she was glad she did!

One of our favorite shops in Buffalo is Second Hand Rose. They are so sweet and greeted the Red Shed Girls with coffee and tea , cookies and bagles.The dear owners Barb and Rose are just the cutest and nicest things! They are the epitamy of "Minnesota Nice" They have an adorable shop and their occational sale was LAST weekend, and they opened just for us. Not only did they have great treats.....

They even made us a package of Surprise gifts,just for the Red Shed Girls! They were oh-so-cutely in black and white paper.

Second Hand Rose is a great shop and it is run very well. We saw a lot of great things there:

Christy found this wonderful carnival wheel...

This was our best VALUE for the day. A fabulous painted red refridgerator. Guess what the price was?....FREE!!! All we had to do was take it away....easy!

Theresa and her sister Pat run The Atelier and The Porch. The shops are precious and the people are so Nice! They sent us COUPONS and then catered to our shopping and our bellies with cheeze, crakers, cookies and WINE!(and apple juice). It helped us rejuvenate. And we found lots of cute things at their store.

This unbelievable farm work table was at a THIRFT Store, would have loved to take it home, but the van was getting a little full

Kelly found a crocheted blanket.

Margo helps load the truck. There a photo of the Hall Tree that we bought. Its made out of architectural elements, and its fabulous! Too bad it doesn't fit in the van!

Great Black Box going to live at the Red Shed
This is Marge with Margo. Marge owns Yesterday's Charm and sells these Great wood gear molds. Margo saw a picture of them in our pre-trip blog has been losing sleep over them. She finally decided to get THREE!.
We tried not to shop too much, but oh well.............

The van was loaded with care....
THere goes that great refridgerator! Its OK , nobody can pack like a Red Shed Girl.

The cute flash cards that Stacy bought are SOOO true!

She brought them to our slumber party with our Surprise and VERY FAMOUS guest, Ki .

She signed books for everyone, and gave good hugs, this one to Michele Jones.

Now that we have had our hugs, its off for a few winks and on to Day 4! Sure glad we evacuated from Texas to Minnesota! Stay tuned!


  1. Am really enjoying looking at all the pics & reading your blog...thanks for sharing it!
    Carol in OK

  2. Thanks for sharing your good time and pics with us. And you're right. . . you couldn't have picked a better time to leave Texas!Look forward to seeing more! It's the next best thing to being there!