Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where Real Women Create

I was knee deep into a project last week when I literally put down my scissors and started giggling and taking pictures..... I was thinking about the blogs I had been reading and viewing and women talking about a magazine they just loved called "Where Women Create". It is absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful women and inspiring spaces.
But I have a little tiny house, and no studio. I create at my kitchen table. I have to spread everything out so that I can see what materials I have and stimulate my imagination....
I compete with the cat.......And the cat food......(on the table so the dog won't eat it)....My computer is shoved to one side so I can check emails, or in case the travel agency needs to forward phone calls to me.......
Of course, if they do, my phone is buried and it's likely that I won't be able to find it.....
Sometimes, I run out of room on the table, so it continues onto the floor...
My "space's" one redeeming virtue is a lucky view, out of the very dirty windows, of the creek in my back yard, offering precious distractions of ducks, herons, turtles, owls, various song birds, squirrels, deer, and the transient raccoon.....
Then the whole mess is cleaned up and put away each night, because my DH is a "neatnik" and could not possibly go to sleep with the kitchen in "chaos".

So here is what I created last Wednesday amid the chaos......
These are huge 200 year old crystals that I purchase each year at the Paris Flea Market. (to see me buying the crystals, click HERE) Each one is about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide. There is NO WAY that new crystals have the look, feel or weight of these beauties. I fuse 100 year old French documents to the back so that it shows through the front, and a different one on the reverse side, which is then covered with several layers of a clear glass like resin. The crystal is then reversible. I wire on a loop and add a vintage seam binding cord. I can only make 10 or 12 a year because I only have access to that many crystals. They sell immediately and I'm not really sure what people do with them. They look fabulous hanging in a window, from a mirror or on a lamp shade.

This one has a French perfume company check on one side........$45And a French postcard on the other. Look closely for the child playing in his mother's dress form...

This soft pink is from the front of a 1898 French legal document....$45The back is a vintage French postcard with puppies chasing a frog...

This is my favorite. The front is a French postcard with an angel painting from the Louvre.. $45 SOLD
The back is an old French letter........This crystal is almost 3/4 of and inch thick, look at all the bevels!

This last one is almost small enough to be worn as a necklace. The front and back are from a French Postcard...$35 SOLD
All are now residing among vintage French lingerie, at the Red Shed, until they go their new homes.
Oh, I also made these darling magnet-clips the same day.....also currently at the Shed.

So, I didn't do too bad among the "chaos". Now, you tell the truth......Where do YOU create???


  1. I'm certain that true creativity comes from making a large mess.
    They never show us that on the shows or in the magazines do they????
    Love the crystals, you do great work.


  2. Val,
    They are Beautiful! I have also seen some of the studio photos of some bloggers and think "Oh my!" My spaces (as they also have to move around... dining room, bedroom, shop, wherever) always have clutter and chaos. That is just what works for me. Thanks for sharing some reality, lol!

  3. You go girl! I just saw my friend Jo Packham, who is doing the "Where Women Create" magazine, since the book has been so successful...she would be proud! It is all about living your passion, and we are blessed to be able to do that!
    XOXO Carolyn

  4. Those are so beautiful! What great work. I'm proud of you for doing what you do in a small space. I'm ashamed of myself b/c my room is in such need of organizing, that if I wanted to do a project, it would have to be on the outside of the room lol. BUT, I am in the process of cleaning it up and getting it organized! BTW, I couldn't open the link of you buying the crystals. Karen

  5. And you my dear are a REAL woman!
    Love the creations...wish I had a talent!

  6. I want to thank you for you kind words about our new magazine.....the women featured on its pages are truly an inspiration. And I want you know that you have friends - we have done stories on several women who do amazing things, literally, on their kitchen table!

    Your work is beautiful! I hope to see you at Round Top this year!

    My best always
    Jo Packham
    Where Women Create

  7. What a beautiful mess of creativity!!!I love your crystal! Do you sell them anywhere online? If so would you kindly send me a pricelist as I would love to own one :)

  8. I just love seeing where all this talent is coming from. I can so relate to the cat on the table (with the food)... story of my life. Your hanging French crystals are amazing!