Thursday, August 13, 2009

Style Sly Eli Home Tour & Saturday Sale Preview

Let us introduce you to Gorgeous Girl, Eli Munroe. Eli invited us to her darling home when we put out the invitation to "Show us your Red Shed decor". Eli has impeccable taste and epitomizes Fabulous French Style. To be honest, not all of the treasures in her house are from the Red Shed, but we are thrilled to be one of her "suppliers". Enjoy the tour.....

Eli painted this Armoire herself and she did a fabulous job.
Love the tin back splash....
And the utensils in the Silver Tea Pot (steal this idea! We have lots of silver tea pots at the Shed!)

Now here is a little preview of some of the wonderful French furnishings you can buy when we unveil them at our upcoming SATURDAY SALE on AUGUST 29th. All these and More are in hiding, but it's only 2 more weeks!
I'm sure this table will be a different color, but doesn't it have great lines?

This unbelievable french table has a secret.......
When you undo the latches, both sides stand independantly to make two demi lunes! It is GORGEOUS!


  1. Girl, I am mad/crazy for that little peek of bed you are showing. That won't be available till the show, right?
    Thank you for showcasing this home. It's always a treat to see a well loved home well done!!!

  2. It is safely locked away behind door number 3 until the show! No worries...

  3. Valarie, so good to hear from you! I'm looking for your new haircut...

    Love the rug under the kitchen table.

    And I'm with Debbie, the white bed with blue fabric? Looks amazing.


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