Thursday, September 11, 2008

Junk Bonanza Group Antique Shopping Trip Day 2

Hunting Season opens TODAY! Christy's great shirt says it all..."Junk Hunter". She bravely led us into the Wild Woods of the Minnesota Junk Bonanza.

The Junk Bonanza is held in two huge buildings..
Fabulous Displays are as far as the eye can see.

Love the architecturals! You just don't see these in Texas...My favorite Pink Scale, Unfortunately someone grabbed it before me!

Wonderful local stores are represented at the sale. Loved this turquoise display!

Ramshackeled Treasures

Loved this Mustard Island from Kathie's Finds

These were so interesting! Purses made from books by Elegant Treasures. One of them had a little blackboard on one side...

The Picket Fence Gals had a cute spindle bench and a great cabinet made from cigarette boxes.
All the new official "Red Shed Girls" found lots to like!

GiGi, among the Gorgeous, Gorgeous pieces at Fern Hill
Stacey is "springing to life"
Kay is getting ready for fall.

Shelly is looking sunny!
Marcy bought this great childs water fountain.
All the Red Shed Girls met Joan Steffan of HGTV's Decorating Cents. She was SO SWEET!
At lunch, Dr. Amy collected our Pedometers...

Answer #1 for the "health benefits of Junking and Antiquing", Valarie had logged 2 1/2 miles before lunch time!

After a full day we started loading up the two vans....

And the U-Haul which will be driven back to Texas. Uh Oh! We still have 3 days to go! We promise you are going to see some creative packing. That truck will be loaded to the ceiling. Our Houston folks are glad they have been "evacuated" to Minnesota. So are the rest of us!

Stay tuned for Day 3, The antique shops of Buffalo, many of which are opening JUST for the Red Shed Girls.


  1. Great photos! Thanks for all your help and input, girls!

    "Dr. Amy"

  2. I just love reading your blogs! Really inspirational :)
    Hope it all goes well hunting for treasures :D

  3. Thanks for all the pictures. One of these days I would love to make it to the Junk Bonanza!Can't wait to see more pictures and to see Ki's pictures as well.

  4. OH MAN!! Now I KNOW I am really jealous! I would have loved to meet Joan Steffen! Love the cigar box cabinet & many other things I am seeing.
    Yes, I will HAVE to go next year!
    Carol in OK

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated on the Junk Bonanza!! Wish I was there!

  6. Oh, I am sooo jealous!! Someday, I hope to be there, too!!