Thursday, February 11, 2010

Darn this Global Warming! Red Shed in the Snow

Where's Al Gore when you need him? All those thinking they wish they were warm and toasty in Texas, here is what the Red Shed looked like this morning! Thanks to Our neighbor, Kim Schuld, who took this, then had to go back inside because it was White Out conditions! She said she would send another one when the when the snow stops.....Hmmmm, might not be open today....
Update, Still Falling......
Update Feb 12th.....Patio furniture anyone?


  1. I's not supposed to be this cold and nasty!!!

  2. Love the pictures!!! I've been taking pictures also, we just don't get much snow here in Texas, I think it's so beautiful.

  3. Isn't this crazy ! I am dreaming of sun and warm even though I really really hate to admit it is pretty ~

  4. I got 14inches out in Haslet, what a trip! If it was one of your sales events I would have made it to Grapevine! Can't wait till the end of the month to visit ya'll!Can You believe how this went on..and on...and on! At least it was powdery. I wish I still had a sled!