Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hot Springs Antique Adventure

Seriously, If you drove by this lovely abode, would you SCREECH on your breaks, heart pounding and run in? That is exactly what I did last weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Oh, lovely JunK everywhere....
Only one problem...the porch was so packed, there was no entrance and you couldn't get to any of it!No matter,.... When I went inside (and I am so mad, I didn't take any pictures!) It was like a huge maze with shelves going to the ceiling and fabulous junk everywhere! One problem, it was 130P and he was "leavin' at 3, so better shop fast".
So, I did the best I could. We had driven the DH's "Show Truck" instead of my work truck, so I did some verrrry careful packing. He was being nice and not suggesting we were "Sanford & Son", like he usually does...... This birdcage is one of my favorite treasures I found at the "JunK store". I don't know how old it is, but the carving and colors are just gorgeous!

Other new items at the Shed...

Don't forget the Big Saturday Sale on Feb. 27th!


  1. The doors on your birdcage are wonderful. What? You couldn't claw your way onto that porch or try to chew your way through?

  2. Looks like some great things, hope to visit soon! ~Lezlee

  3. Looks like fun! I have cousins that live in Grapevine - haven't visited in a long time... I think I'm due! Stop and say hi on my site sometime, Jennifer