Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flea Market Style Magazine ** Red Shed Featured! (sort of)

Flea Market Style Magazine is finally hitting the stores next week, but we have an advance copy, and guess what? The Red Shed is FEATURED on page 12! Well, if you can call a 2 lines under "Occasional Sales" a "feature", but HEY! We will take it, and we appreciate the mention! The magazine in gorgeous and just chalk FULL of inspiring photos and projects.
Several of our good friends are also mentioned in the mag, which includes a full 8 page spread on the great shopping at Canton Flea Market. There is a Dream Feature of Margo Arrick of who hosted editor KI around Canton. Her son, Allen did all of the photography for the article. Also mentioned are Donna & Rhonda of Curious Goods, Lilly of Junk Palace, and Maggie of the Veranda. Congrats to all of these talented (and nice!) ladies!

We were however actually featured in Panache Magazine which came out on Thursday. From the fashion photo on the front, you might not guess there is a 6 page article called "The Antique Mystique" inside......( You can read it by clicking on the Cover...starts page 16)

Though the article featured quotes from several antique stores, photos from the The Red Shed were prominently featured on every single page!

The photo shoot for this mag was a singularly unique experience, but that can be a whole other blog.

The Big Saturday Sales is only 1 week away! Feb. 27th 8am!!!


  1. How exciting for you on the Panache Magazine, I can't wait to hear and see more. Where can I get a copy?

    Thanks for the shout out.
    Love you all!!!!

  2. There's that french desk that I think is just to 2die4! This is so cool. I get to hang with the famous!!!

  3. Én is régiségek szerelmese vagyok. Irigykedem erre a gyönyörű újságra. Üdv Martha

  4. Congratulations! It's always exciting to get "Press". Lidy