Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EROS God of Love ** How is the Cupid Arrow Launched?

How is the Cupid's Arrow Launched? By Eros's Bow (Eros, Greek good of Love and Passion!), of course! Just in from Grace Barzyz. She has made this amazing Cupid's bow from an old architectural piece we had in the shop...(SORRY the pic is not great!! It is so cute!! It says "EROS") It is BIG, I would say about 4 1/2 feet tall
Gorgeous Gold and Glitter......look, even the bow line is covered in Glitter!
Wonderful detail on the letters....
And the whole bow is covered in Gold Cupid paper! $68.00We have had lots of calls and emails asking what Vintage Valentines we have left. I have updated the Jan 14th Blog and the Jan 24th Blogs. If you do not see a SOLD, the items should still be available. Some were showing SOLD, but Grace made another, so they are in the shop. We do have 1 set of AMORE' Angel Wings, 1 LOVE banner, and 1 Italian Amore' piano roll left. Here are a couple of others that have not been featured in the past. ALL of these items are mailable, but maybe not in time for Valentines Day. Put your present in this vintage heart shaped box is from GermanyThis is so sweet and perfect to have in your bedroom all year long!New items in the Red Shed. This poor/wonderful mirror silvering was badly damaged.
Rather than remove it, we have fused French documents to the back....lovely French calligraphy..
A beautiful Paris Parfumerie doc.....
And a soft pink Paris 1898 letter..... Now it's a show stopper!
More glamour, recently arrived!Getting ready for the Big Show and Sale....Saturday Feb. 27th!


  1. Is the fireplace mantle for sale?

  2. Yes the mantle is for sale. It is $289.00
    The Red Shed