Thursday, February 11, 2010

Huge Vintage Clocks and a Great Clock Story

Look at these two amazing clocks recently arrived at The Red Shed. We don't know exactly how old they are but they are actually from an old bank tower in West Texas. Right now they still have all of the workings attached if a skilled someone wanted them to work again, or they would be too wonderful as a BIG statement on a large wall. Designers? Here they are! SOLD & SOLD!
Now a great clock Story. Sweet Jennie came into the shop and said her friend had been eyeing the great clock below (It's one of our favorites, not old, but made by a great French company) and she wanted to buy it for her as a surprise. It was a little more than she (her friend, Gina) wanted to spend, but she had kept thinking about it. Jennie told me this story and I couldn't believe it because I had JUST received and email from Gina, asking if we still had the clock! Nothing is better than great friends that are so in tune they are almost on the same wave length!
Read the whole story from GINA's point of view on her BLOG.
See you Feb 27th for our big Saturday Sale!


  1. Drat...I'm too late! Keep me in mind if you get any others that cool in again!

  2. Hey thanks for sharing our story and I LOVE my clock. I think Jennie got one of those other two above. Someone on my blog under the post for this clock said they had "clock envy" and the "loved the Red Shed." Me too!

  3. Thank Gina, we HEART you too!
    The Red Shed

  4. You know me I love clocks.
    Love the snow pics too, and all the junk looks wonderful in the snow.

    Ours is mostly gone today though.